Mike Duseberg Brings a Lot “More” To Your Event…

 As an event planner, you want entertainment that will create an event your guests will give rave reviews, remember forever, and look forward to repeating. 


You want a performer that will engage your guests,and entertain them with an unforgettable experience they’ll tell their friends about.



During his four year career at Malone’s Magic Bar at the Boca Raton Resort and Club, Mike Duseberg learned how to engage and amaze crowds of corporate guests, packing the bar with patrons and keeping them entertained all night long. 

He uses those same skills to make your cocktail event, hospitality suite, or networking event an unforgettably exciting experience for your guests, too.


Here’s How Mike Delivers “More.”

“More Than They Expect”

Your guests have never seen a magician like Mike Duseberg.  His engaging personality, corporate-clean material, and contagious smile make him welcome wherever he goes. 

Your guests will pull their friends across the room, saying, “you’ve got to see this guy!”

 “More People!”

How can a close-up magician entertain hundreds of people?  At the magic bar, Mike learned to perform “wide” – drawing crowds of people into his magic and engaging the entire 114 person bar.  Mike brings the same style to your corporate event, engaging crowds of laughing, cheering guests. 

You’ll see dozens of people surrounding him, so you can be sure everyone sees plenty of magic and has a great time. 

 “More to Come!”

Great performers “leave them wanting more,” and Mike takes it a step further.  Your guests will see Mike at least two or three times throughout the night, baffling them with a seemingly unending repertoire of incredible magic and mentalism. 

Your guests will stay at your event all night long because they don’t want to miss what Mike does next!

Every event is a unique opportunity to engage and entertain your guests.

Mike Duseberg listens to your event goals, creates a customized plan that ensures you achieve them, and delivers an outstanding experience your guests will be talking about for years to come.