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The more I know about your ideas, preferences, and goals, the better I can create a customized experience your guests will be talking about for years!

Phone beats email every time.  Emails get blocked and go to spam, but the phone (almost) always rings.  Click HERE to schedule a telephone conversation about your event.  

I’m here to help.  If I’m not a good fit for your event, I’ll connect you with someone who is.

For Booking Inquiries and Availability:

Felicity B.: Contact@MagicMeansBusiness.com

For Media Inquiries and Questions:

Mike Duseberg: Mike@MagicMeansBusiness.com

We will return your message.  Often Mike is traveling, performing at an all-day event, or entertaining somewhere out of cellphone range, and cannot return your message immediately.  We promise that Mike or a member of the team will contact you within 24 hours!