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Mike Duseberg creates incredible experiences your guests will RAVE about. His incredible magic and mind reading demonstrations ensure they’ll REMEMBER your event all year long!  They’ll look foward to REPEATING the experience time and again.

The Ultimate Hospitality Event Secret:

Engage Your Guests in an “Impossible” Experience!

Mike Duseberg’s charming personality and engaging style connect him to your members, so they feel like they’ve met a new friend who can do amazing things.

Your Guests Will Love Mike Duseberg’s Magic and Mind Reading Because They’ll Feel Each Moment is Customized “Just for Them!”

His mind-blowing magic and mind-reading demonstrations feature themes your guests encounter every day: golf, playing cards, money… even their own private thoughts!  Your guests will love Mike, and they will look forward to seeing him year after year.

“You continue to amaze everyone.  You are a true professional – a delight to have at our events and to work with…

You would be amazed how many people ask if you are going to be at an event we are having.”


Joe Daleo

Director of Events / Corporate Sales, Emerson

“After the events we have customers telling us what fun they have had.

I had several customers the next night tell me that you blew away the competitor’s entertainment of ‘America’s Got Talent’ fame.  They thought you were much more personable and enjoyable.”

Tom Herman

Sales, Nidec Motor Corporation

“People literally talk about this guy for months following the event and ask if he’s going to be at the next one…

I have made it abundantly clear he is coming to the next one!” 

Dale Bruner

Director of Human Resources, Bridgeman Foods / Wendys

The group was really impressed - stunned like I said.  All knew and said they had seen something really special - very well done.

Reid Pannill

Vice President - HR Business Development & Client Relations, Fluor Corporation

“Instead of saying the venue was nice or the food was good, they immediately proceeded to talk for 10 minutes about the different magic tricks.  

The next day while talking with our customers in the booth at the show, same thing!” – Maureen Netzley, Emerson Climate

“Nobody leaves our events when Mike is performing, and our customers look forward to our events knowing Mike will be there.” John Kronenwetter

Director of Sales, SDI

“Not only is your show magical and entertaining, but your humor, presentation, and connection with the audinece is nothing but professional and hilarious.” Lynda Hussan

Executive Admin Secretary, Communications International Inc

“Your personality and presentation combined with the magic made the show a real home run.  A thoroughly enjoyable experience.” Mike Kruse

Vice President - Marketing, Heidtman Steel Products

“We had raves about you the next day from guests coming to our booth.

Thank you for making my party a success!” – Chris Lampe, Nidec Motor Company

Guaranteed Success at Any Venue!

Mike Duseberg Can Only Entertain At One Event Per Day.

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